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4 Ways To Style Fine Jewellery

1. On Its Own

Wearing a piece of fine jewellery on its own can be an extremely versatile look. A good piece of jewellery can completely change or set the tone for your outfit. For example, a ruby pendant can turn a suit and turtleneck into a smart-casual, dinner-friendly look. A pavé set pendant is enough to break up the monotony of an all black outfit. You can also always throw on a cocktail or signet ring for daily and casual outfits. Wearing the piece on its own is a great way to emphasise the art-piece and allow the craftsmanship to stand on its own.

2. With a Suit/Dress

Modern luxury is defined by breaking conventional rules while adhering to tried and tested traditional styles. Nothing exemplifies this juxtaposition more than a classic suit/dress with a tennis bracelet. Pair it with an eternity ring for even more authority in the style. The over-the-top nature of the tennis bracelet and eternity ring is balanced by the debonaire look associated with smart wear. As well as bracelets and rings, smaller accessories such as diamond cufflinks and earrings can completely transfer your formal look for those nights when you have to stand out.


 3. Stack It!

Stacking fine jewellery is one sure fire way to increase the flair in any outfit. Whether it's your wedding and eternity rings or silver chains and skull rings, any aesthetic can benefit from stacking your pieces. You can play around with the items being stacked; maybe multiple rings on one hand or maybe two micro pendants with a hoodie. There is a lot of room for experimenting and finding out what combinations you're comfortable with. If you don't feel confident enough to select the pieces you can stack, you can purchase your jewellery in sets directly from us and just wear the sets as they come.


4. With A Casual Look

The benefit of dressing down is that nobody holds conventional expectations of your outfit like they do with formalwear. With a casual look, you are allowed to take risks and wear your more fun pieces of jewellery. Pictured below is our custom smiley ring for a client; this is a perfect example of a casual piece of jewellery to add to your closet. Try out a t-shirt and tennis bracelet combination, or you can try a hoody with micro-pendants and signet rings. There are no rules when it comes to dressing down; experiment with matching stone colours with outfit tones, or with mixing metal types with different types of denim for a more grungy aesthetic.


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