About Us

Urban Stones Ldn is a London-based jewellery house that supplies top quality, handmade jewellery. We specialise in high quality fine jewellery. This means ALL our pieces are rust-free and (with proper care) can last you a lifetime. We source all of our stones from conflict-free, reputable suppliers all around the world.

Rare Find

The Pink One

Experience the allure of an extremely rare vivid pink and other unique diamonds.

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The Modern Classic

Explore classic solitaire diamonds with modern pavé settings.

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Vintage Styles

Building Your Ring

Our Bespoke Process

Designing Your Vision

Collaborate closely with our artisan design team to translate your vision and story into a unique wedding ring design that captures the essence of your relationship.

Choosing Gemstones

Elevate your ring with the brilliance of gemstones, whether it's a touch of sparkle or a meaningful birthstone.

Choosing Materials

Choose from an array of fine metals, from platinum staples to rose gold flair; this lays the foundation for your personalized wedding band.

Handcrafting To Perfection

Watch as our skilled craftsmen meticulously bring your design to life, crafting each detail by hand for a wedding band as exceptional as your love for each other.

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